What is Stickers.com.pk?
Pakistan’s #1 custom stickers and labels website. We provide custom stickers and labels for startups, businesses, individuals, tech enthusiasts, designers and developers.

Where can i order Custom Stickers, Custom labels, Custom magnets and packing tape?
You can order our custom products @ http://bit.ly/2ANsTcD or via WhatsApp +92-345-5597695

Quality of Sticker?
Our stickers are reusable, durable and waterproof!

What is delivery/shipping charges?
Shipping is completely FREE for Custom Stickers & for orders from our store having quantity more than 10 stickers! For less than 10 stickers charges inside KPK is Rs. 180 & outside KPK  is Rs. 230 !

How long does it take to receive the order?
Our turnaround time is only 48 working hours. For custom order it is 3-4 days!

What can I do if I am happy with Stickers.com.pk stickers?
You can share it with your friends and on our social media pages. Along with that you should join Stickers.com.pk Fans/Lovers group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/509651979414242/ )